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Multi-lingual and International PPC and SEO

Venue Holidays

Client From: 2015

Travel SEO and PPC


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Multi-Lingual PPC, International SEO


Venue Holidays are an established independent tour operator and members of AITO. They provide Mobile Home and Camping holidays on a number of the best campsite destinations in France, Italy and Spain. The target markets are the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Ireland. The website and PPC campaigns are in English, Dutch, German and Danish.

Brief & Results

The initial brief was to cut down on the waste on the existing campaign. This was achieved within the first quarter of being appointed. The marketing brief then moved on the improving the level of targeting and, in recent years, has focused on a highly agile campaign that adapts to the level of demand by country, destination and seasonality. Ensuring that the client maximises the financial return from their campsite investments.

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