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 SEO  – Optimise your Website for Organic Traffic

Simply Clicks provides SEO agency services primarily to businesses in Travel and Leisure,  B2B, and the financial services industries. We have been boosting organic search results of clients since 2004.

We break down  Search Engine Optimisation  into 5 key stages.

  • Pre-Site

    The activities undertaken before you start work on your website. Business and Website strategy.

  • On-Site

    The activities undertaken on your website. Technology, Design, Structure and Content.

  • Off-Site

    Activities undertaken away from your website. Brand-building and promotion. Generating referrals and links.

  • Post-Site

    Analysing the impact and performance of your SEO activities. Monitoring market and competitive activity.

  • Re-Site

    Activities undertaken to ensure your website maintains a strong level of valuable search traffic.

In 2004, before the days of automated SEO tools, we were asked by an international client to codify the key stages of an SEO campaign. We explained our approach in a methodology that we called Search Engine Marketing Over-Site. Since then, the methodology has been continuously adapted and updated. Even if the components and practise of SEO have changed dramatically over the past 15-years, the basic structure of our methodology has stood the test of time. Indeed, some of the leading cloud-based SEO tools such as MOZ, SemRush and SEO PowerSuite, still utilise variations of our original approach.

Pre-Site SEO

Analysis, Strategy and Keyword Selection

This stage includes defining your business. What needs and customers you aim to serve, and the keywords they are most likely to use. What keywords to ignore. Analysing your market category. Learning from, but not being led by, your competitors. Analysing lots of data. Lastly, it is about keyword analysis and selection. Ultimately it is additional sales and margins that govern the success of SEO. We ensure that the keywords you target fit with your overall business model, marketing strategy and resources.

  • Business and Brand Strategy
  • Market Category Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis and Selection


On-Site SEO

Website Design, Content and navigation

This refers to the visual or technical features that may either work for or against your website’s visibility. There are some technical features that may enhance your site’s attractiveness. Other technical features, although aesthetically pleasing, may well damage search engine visibility. A key component of website design is navigation. Visitors to your site need clear pointers to help them find relevant content.

  • Website Construction
  • Page Structure
  • Aesthetic
  • Technical
  • Navigation
  • Conversion Path
  • Content

Off-Site SEO

Referrals and Inbound links

Links connect your website to others on the Internet. They also place your site in topical or market category context. All search engines, but particularly Google, place a premium on topic relevant, high quality inbound links. Google optimisation is more influenced by inbound links than almost any other factor. A link building programme should focus on using the right anchor text and seeking out relevant linking partners.

  • Brand Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • PR, Presentations, Networking
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Other Digital Interactions


Post-Site SEO

Performance Review and Appraisal

The aim of SEO is to deliver more valuable website visitors that have a high potential convert customers or clients. The key post-site question to ask is has SEO programme worked? Did it lead to more sales and conversions? What else has changed in the market?

  • Sales and Conversions
  • CRM and Customer Feedback
  • Website Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • SERPs Data
  • Competitor Activities
  • Algorithm Changes
  • PPC Data

Re-Site SEO

Website Maintenance and Adjustments

Making sure that the website stays in good shape. Addressing any shortfalls or adapting to changes in Google algorithm.

  • Website Maintenance
  • Broken Links and Error Codes
  • Site Map Integrity
  • Corrective Actions
  • Adding or Amending Content
  • Tactical Adjustments


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