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Local or Regional

All PPC activity below a national market level is essentially regional or local. Google even refers to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as regions.

Local PPC is suitable for both B2C and B2B PPC campaigns

  • It can be organised and operated at district council, county or regional level e.g. Ashford, Kent or South-East England.
  • It can be city or town based targeting e.g. London or Maidstone.
    Radius targeting – Pick a location and operate your campaign within a certain radius of miles.
  • Activity can be based on a cluster of post codes.

Local PPC campaign geography can be highly flexible. Upweight or down-weight PPC bids for certain locations. Or exclude a specific location entirely.

Local or regional PPC can be used as part of a roll-out or test marketing strategy. We have clients that have as many as campaigns operating in 10 different geographic locations. Each with different keywords, ads and bid levels.Local PPC is an effective use of limited budgets. Rather than thinly spread a budget across the whole of the UK, you could have a heavyweight campaign in a limited area.

PPC is particularly useful for local PPC activity. This is because about 50% of mobile-based searches have local content. These searches are particularly valuable as a higher proportion, compared to desktop-based, searches lead to an actual sale or conversion.

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