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Local SEO and PPC Services

MTM Environmental

Client From: 2005

Local SEO and PPC Services.

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MTM Environmental is situated in Kent and Dorset.  They specialise in Septic Tanks, Sewage Treatment Plant and Soakaway Installation and Maintenance.

MTM Environmental on a local visit.

Brief & Results

MTM Environmental are our longest-term client and have been working with MTM since 2005. The focus has been on local SEO and local PPC. Targeting specific county terms.  Back in 2005, they ran a local drainage business from Whitstable in Kent. Today, MTM has expanded westwards across southern England to as far as Cornwall, and northwards into the south Midlands and East Anglia. Over the intervening period, we have been involved in several website redesigns and migrations. Moving from a bespoke HTML based site to one based on the WordPress platform. Into 2021, their enquiry and sales have consistently increased.

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