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Give your business an immediate understanding of PPC, SEO and Web Analytics

  • A unique, tailor-made approach to search marketing training.
  • Be fully equipped to begin the process of building or improving your own SEO and PPC marketing campaigns.
  • Be able to identify and exploit the strengths and weaknesses of competitor campaigns and strategies.
  • Immediately generate additional and more cost effective visitor traffic for your website.

PPC Training

Learn the seven-stage model of PPC management.

Learn, understand and practice the skills needed to structure, build and manage your own organisation’s high-performance PPC marketing campaigns.

Build immediate improvements into an existing PPC campaign. Cut wasted expenditure and immediately improve your return on ad spend (ROAS).

We can tailor PPC training courses for any level of ability from introductory to advanced level.


SEO Training

Learn the Search Engine Marketing Over-Site methodology for SEO.

How to structure a comprehensive approach to search engine optimisation. On-page and off-techniques that will enable you to improve the visibility of your web assets. Utilising SEO tools supplied by Google, MOZ and other providers.

Web Analytics Training

Learn to manage and interpret the data that determines website performance.

Our web analytics training course covers the data that measures website performance. These include measures of acquisition, engagement and conversion. Get to understand these key concepts and others such as attribution and ROI.

How to understand and prioritise different sources of website visitors. How to interpret visitor intent, behaviour and preferences. And how this data and information can be used to dramatically improve the performance of your overall marketing programme.


High-Level Digital Marketing Skills

Achieving advanced level digital marketing performance:

  • How to set and achieve strategic objectives
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Managing multinational and multi-lingual campaigns
  • Improving campaign structure
  • Achieving high-level click-through rates
  • Reducing bounce rates
  • Setting budgets, bids and improving ROAS

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