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 PPC  – Delivering Highly Relevant Visitors to your Website

Simply Clicks has been a specialist Pay Per Click agency since 2003. In that time we have worked on over 300 paid search campaigns and learned some extremely valuable lessons. As PPC becomes more competitive and complex, it is important that your PPC campaigns are amongst the best performing within your market category.

Focus on the right Visitors

Depending on your business model, your target could be the whole world or a handful of individuals in a tight geographic location.

PPC is highly flexible when it comes to targeting but it remains critical that you target your most important customers and avoid searchers that have little chance of converting.

Throughout the whole PPC management process, we aim to be smarter than your competition. Focus keywords, bidding, device bid adjustments, advertising copy, landing pages, navigation and conversion processes around your target market.

PPC Conversion Cost by Age and Gender
PPC Conversion Cost by Age and Gender

Attract your Target Market

Compelling ad copy attracts and motivates your target market to read and click your ads.

We put great effort into creating ad copy that draws the eye and raises interest.  The tone of the ad will heavily relate to the contents of your website, not only to improve the users on-page experience, but to improve the positioning of the ad in search engine results.

Engage Your Visitors

When dealing with people, remember their decision making is governed by emotion as well as logic.

We select your most appropriate landing pages. Generic and brand searches will be delivered to your home page. More specific searches will be sent to an interior page that immediately demonstrates to the searcher that they’re on the right page.

One of our main aims is to increase the interaction that your customers have on your website. Your successful PPC campaigns will have a close relationship with the landing pages to reduce the bounce rate, increase average page views and time on your website.


Persuade Your Visitors

Our aim for PPC campaigns is to generate conversions i.e. make a sale, generate an enquiry or achieve a substantive move towards your end commercial objective.

We understand that conversion takes place in the mind of a prospecting visitor, not on the website. Therefore, we attempt to understand the intent and motivations of the visitor to ensure the PPC campaign is effective.

More often than not, decision making and choice are emotional processes. It is a tension between Motivation vs Friction, Anxiety and Distraction. Attempt to build motivation whilst you eliminate or minimise Friction, Anxiety and Distraction.

Monitor, Review and Respond

See the relationship between what you spend and the value that’s generated.

We monitor campaign activity, overall expenditure, average cost per click, click-through rates, conversion levels and rates – to name a few. We continually review what has happened. Then work out why. Then what you should do next. If we see any shortfall in performance or overspend, we attempt to rectify it. If we spot any opportunities, we’ll look to exploit them.

We eliminate campaign weaknesses and waste, and build on success.


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