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Pay Per Click Ads


Delivering Highly Relevant Visitors to your Website

Simply Clicks has been a specialist Pay Per Click agency since 2003. In that time we have worked on over 300 paid search campaigns and learned some extremely valuable lessons. As PPC becomes more competitive and complex, it is important that your PPC campaign is amongst the best performing within your market category.

Local PPC

PPC focused to regional or local areas. To a county such as Kent. To a town or city. Or to a radius area from a central point, such as a post code.

Travel PPC

Paid search campaigns for tour operators, travel agents, hotels and transport providers. In both domestic and international markets.


Business to Business marketing across a range of industries such as IT or manufacturing.

Finance PPC

Savings, loans and financial services such as insurance and accounting.

PPC Principles

Our Approach

Focus on the Right Customers

Depending on your business model, your target could be the whole world or a handful of individuals in a tight geographic location.

PPC is highly flexible when it comes to targeting but it remains critical that you target your most important customers and avoid searchers that have little chance of converting. Throughout the whole PPC management process, we aim to be smarter than your competition. 

Keyword and Persona Targeting.
Local SEO and PPC Management.

Attracting your Target Market

We create custom compelling ad copy that attracts and motivates your target market to read and click on your ads.

We put great effort into creating ad copy that draws the eye and raises interest. The tone of the ad will heavily relate to the contents of your website, not only to improve the users on-page experience, but to improve the positioning of the ad in search engine results.

Engage & Persuade Your Visitors

When dealing with people, decision making is governed by emotion as well as logic.

Our PPC campaigns generate conversions i.e. sales, enquiries or clear moves towards your objective. We understand that conversion takes place in the mind of a prospecting visitor, not on the website. Therefore, we attempt to understand the intent and motivations of the visitor to ensure the PPC campaign is effective.

PPC management for attracting Mobile users.

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Free Consultation

Before we take you on as a client we get to know about your business and your goals.

We look at your existing digital marketing and tell you how to improve it.

It’s then up to you if you choose to include us on that journey.