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 About Us  – Who We Are, What We Do

What We Do

We are a specialist search marketing agency and have been since 2003. We came to focus on search marketing because, unlike many other elements of the marketing mix, it consistently delivers such a measurably high return on investment. We concentrate on PPC and SEO, underpinned by an extensive reliance on data and analytics. We are informed by data and insight, what they reveal about the customer, website performance, the market-place, the route to competitive advantage and ultimately to increased ROI.

We particularly enjoy working in travel and tourism, B2B and financial services. We like working in these industries because they tend to be data-rich. Therefore, planning, tracking and measuring performance is more easily implemented.  Being based in Kent, just 37 minutes from central London, we are happy to help international, national and locally based businesses. Whatever your business size can certainly help you to grow and compete on a bigger stage.

How We Do It

We have evolved structured methodologies for managing both organic and paid search in wide range of market categories. Our approach is to build campaigns based on data analysis, insight and data-driven creativity. We research, analyse and get to understand our client’s market categories. We create campaigns targeted on their most profitable customers. We then track, measure and test the effectiveness of each of the core components of their campaigns.

We believe in focusing client budgets and resources on their most promising prospects, eliminating waste, maximising their returns and building their brands.

Where We’ve Come From

We have come from a long way back. A real long way. Having been involved in planning and managing £multi-million marketing and advertising budgets as long ago as the 1970s.

We understand the strategies that underpin growth, market share and margins. How to out-manoeuvre entrenched competition and tackle market entrants. And how to combine this expertise to build long-term market position and profitability.

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