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Financial Services PPC

Simply Clicks has provided PPC management to financial services companies operating at local, national and international level since 2003. We have worked in the following financial services fields:

Consumer or Business Finance

Bank accounts and credit cards. Savings, loans, transactional support, insurance, advice or other financial services such as FinTech.

Travel SEO and PPC.
PPC and SEO for Hotel Marketing.

Savings Products

Instant access, short-term notice accounts, long-term savings.
ISAs and other tax efficient savings products.

Investment Products

Futures and options. Pensions, draw-down products and annuities.

SEO and PPC for Ski Marketing.
PPC and SEO for Hotel Marketing.

Loans Products

Short-term, medium-term and long-term lending.
Both unsecured and secured to property or capital purchases such as mortgages.

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