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Simply Clicks – Kent SEO Agency

Simply Clicks is an SEO agency based in Ashford in Kent. We have been helping Kent businesses find customers via organic search since 2004.

SEO for Growth – In Kent and Beyond

The fist reason you need SEO for your website is for growth. Organic traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines is key for your growth. All successful websites have a large and growing proportion of their visitors generated by organic search. This reamins the case whether your ambitions are restricted to Kent, adjacent areas such as Sussex, Surrey and South East London, or whether you are looking for customers throughout the UK.

SEO for Reduced Cost of Customer Acquisition

The scond reason why you need SEO and organic search is to maximise the share of free traffic and therefore recuce the overall, or average, cost of each visitor. This in turn leads to lower costs of customer acquisition. A website that relies purely on paid search or paid display advertising will have a much higher cost per visitor and ultimately cost per conversion.

Local SEO vs National SEO

In many respects local SEO is very similar to national SEO. There are, however, several differences. Depending on your market category different local search factors may play a key role. Perhaps the most important is the role of Google My Business. The Google My Business system drives local and mapp based searches. If you want search visitors from the local area then ensuring your business is properly listed on Google My business is essential. The acronym NAP – standing for Name, Address and Phone number – suggests that as a first stage eash of these pieces of information is correct. If you have a physical address in Kent and are located in one of Kent’s major towns, then an accurate Google My Business listing will see you generate local search visitors.

Get to Understand How Customers Use Search in Kent

Web analytics can be used to inform you who, when, where and how potential visitors search for your website and the products and services you provide. Find what keywords are used and what landing pages perform best at engaging and converting visitors into customers or clients. 

Where do your Most Important Customers Come From?

Ultimately the objective is find where your most important customers are located. Those visitors that have the highest propensity to convert into customers. Then to target that area with relevant keywords. Depending on your market category and scale of business, these visitors may be very local or could come from outside Kent. Within Kent, Medway, Maidstone and Canterbury generate the most searches. However, there is also a broad north west to south east axis of household income and wealth. This shows up in house prices in the areas nearet to London, as well higher levels of deprivation and lower credit ratings as you move south and east through the county. At the same time individual parts of Kent are stronger for activities such as tourism, restaurants and hotel stays. 

Kent Residents and Kent Visitors

Kent is one of the strongest UK counties for travel and tourism. Whether as an ultimate destination or as a gateway via Eurotunnel, Eurostar and the ferry routes. In the opposite direction, thousands of Kent residents travel to central London for their daily commute. A Kent visitor may make a search for a Kent product or service from their hoem outside Kent. Meanwhile a Ket commuter may well be searching for the same product or service from their workplace in London, or elsewhere. It is therefore important, not to be too restrictive in defining where your most valuable customers are located. And to rely on analytics rather than simple judgement. 

Within Kent we have provided SEO services and managed search marketing campaigns for national organisations and individually-owned businesses. We have managed successful campaigns in businesses as diverse as hotels, to swimming pool designers and fostering agencies.

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