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Is your PPC advertising working?

We’ll happily take a look at the performance of your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to ensure you’re getting the best results.

PPC performance

We prioritise Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Confirm you’re not overpaying or under performing on your campaigns

We’re continually working with new clients across Kent and the UK to generate a greater return or reduce the total cost on their PPC campaigns.  Poorly managed campaigns is something we see time and time again.

We recently ran an experiment with a Kent client where we compared our results to their Google automated bidding – you can read the full post about it here.  The outcome was that Google automation delivered £1.11 of nominal value for every £1 spent.  In comparison, Simply Clicks delivered £4.42 of nominal value for every £1 spent – 4X better.

Every business and industry is different, but we always make sure our clients are getting the best value out of their PPC advertising.

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Before we take you on as a client we get to know about your business and your goals.

We look at your existing digital marketing and tell you how to improve it.

It’s then up to you if you choose to include us on that journey.