PPC Training - Course Benefits

Having completed the Simply Clicks' PPC training course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of pay per click advertising using the Google Adwords platform. You will be fully equipped to begin the process of building or improving your own PPC marketing campaign. At the same time you will be able to expose and exploit the vulnerabilities in competitor campaigns and strategies. As a result, you will be able to immediately generate additional and more cost effective traffic for your business. Each participant receives a comprehensive pay per click training manual for ongoing reference.

Pay Per Click Training - Course Outline

PPC Account StructureSimply Clicks offers an intensive 1 day pay per click training course. Pay Per Click advertising is now an integral part of many marketing programmes. UK PPC advertising expenditure is forecast to total almost £7 Billion in 2016.

Google Adwords, the leading PPC provider, is growing at 10% per annum and the cost of key positions on Google is rising. Can you afford not to fully understand the crucial disciplines of PPC?

Simply Clicks’ pay per click training course is highly practical and hands-on. Download our PPC training course brochure.

Our unique approach to training utilises the critical analysis of a live Google Adwords campaign. Organised individually, or in small groups, the training is tailored to meet your specific individual or corporate PPC marketing learning needs. Simply Clicks has more than 10 years experience of delivering tailored PPC and SEO training courses.

During the course you will practice and apply the latest and most effective pay per click advertising techniques. You can even carry out forensic analysis of your own or a competitor’s pay per advertising campaign. The training course covers both the theoretical principles and practical applications of pay per click advertising.

PPC Training Course Structure

The course uses the following format:

  1. Structuring Campaigns and Budgets
  2. Keyword Research and Selection
  3. Writing Advertising Copy and Descriptions
  4. Pay Per Click Bid Management
  5. Monitoring Keyword, Advertising, Landing Page and Campaign Quality Score and Performance
  6. Revising Copy, Landing Pages and Bids to improve return on advertising spend (ROAS)

1. Structuring PPC Campaigns and Budgets

Setting campaign objectives and budgets. How pay per click fits in with your overall search engine marketing activity. Planning and structuring your campaign will improve effectiveness. Learn the specifics of managing Google Adwords and how to link the Google Analytics and conversion, funnels and goals.

2. Keyword Research and Selection

How to get a clear steer on keyword volumes. Researching and selecting relevant and productive keyword phrases. How to use broad, phrase and exact match types. Why and how to introduce negative keywords. Find out how to hunt for value and avoid over-paying for unproductive keywords.

3. Writing Advertising Copy and Descriptions

How to write copy to boost Quality Score, rankings, click through rate (CTR) and conversions. On both Google Adwords and Yahoo search, good click through rate (CTR) is crucial for ranking highly at economic bid levels. Learn some sound techniques for gaining an advantage over competitors.

4. Making and Reviewing Bids

Developing a bidding strategy. How to decide your bidding posture. Higher cost per click reduces your chances to improve return on expenditure. Bid management requires a fine touch. How to tackle and avoid aggressive competitors.

5. Monitoring PPC Marketing Performance

How to track, measure and analyse the performance your pay per click marketing campaigns. How to get the most out of internal reports and conversion data. How to use web analytics to understand website usage. Understanding the buying process and the sales conversion funnel.

6. Campaign Tuning and Revision

Using reports and analytics to refine your campaign, improve quality score, reduce waste and spot potential click fraud. Integrating pay per click advertising with search engine optimisation activity.

Who these training courses are for

Our pay per click training is primarily designed for marketing, advertising and Internet practitioners. A reasonable level of computer literacy is assumed. Various levels of ability can be accommodated within small groups. This course is also suitable as a strategic briefing at CEO, managing director or marketing director level. Owners and directors of medium sized companies are especially welcome.

Course delivery and costs

PPC Training Course BrochureThe preferred location for course delivery is on-site in a training room at your premises. The pay per click training course can be arranged at external locations, where additional expenses may be incurred. Alternatively, you are welcome to train at our offices in Ashford, Kent. We are happy to travel throughout the UK and have delivered PPC training courses in mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland. Each course participant will need a modern and broadband connected PC. The cost of a one day course, tailored to your market category and exact business needs is £595 for one person, £795 for 2 people and £995 for 3 people. The pay per click training course can be combined with an on-site search engine marketing consultation. Please ask for a quote for larger classes or to discuss specific projects. Payment terms are subject to VAT and are payable in advance.