PPC Audit Services

PPC Audit Data - Adwords ROISimply Clicks provides a PPC audit service. This analyses pay per click campaign structure and performance. The objective is to improve campaign return on investment (ROI), making your PPC expenditure more effective.

Simply Clicks are Google Partners certified in Google Adwords Advanced Search Marketing as well as Google Analytics IQ. 

We have improved the performance of over 200 PPC campaigns, with a history going back to 2003.  Our PPC audit aims to reduce areas of waste and eliminate areas of under performance, delivering increased return on advertising spend..

PPC Audit Structure

We go into detail in the following areas:

  • Relevance of PPC campaign structure to your business objectives.
  • Control and set-up of campaigns and budgets.
  • Mobile device bidding.
  • Analysing keyword relevance.
  • Use of negative terms. And the likely wastage.
  • Advertising copy effectiveness.
  • Landing page effectiveness.
  • Use of conversion funnels.
  • Attribution and attribution modelling. 

Audit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Our PPC audit looks at key performance criteria including the following measures:

  • Return on investment (ROI) and ROAS - Google's term for Return on Advertising Spend.
  • Cost per conversion.
  • Conversion levels.
  • Cost per click - CPC.
  • Quality score.
  • Click through rate - CTR
  • Bounce rates.

PPC Campaign Structure

Campaign structure looks at the alignment of keywords with campaigns, advertising, advertising groups and landing pages. Poor alingment leads to low CTR, poor quality scores, high cost per click and poor conversion levels. Campaign structure also looks at the linking between Google Adwords and Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and the correct use of conversion funnels. Attribution of the correct influence and weight applied to PPC is key to improving overall ROI. This requires an investigation of multi-channel funnels and device utilisation.

Improving PPC Campaign ROI

Using our PPC audit service as the starting point we have made typical cost per click savings of 30% and seen 80% reductions in cost per conversion. In e-commerce we have seen improvements in average campaign ROI from 443% to 740% and identified and built a separate campaign earnings stream generating an ROI of in excess of 1,300%.

As well as PPC management and PPC campaign audits Simply Clicks is one of the UK's original providers of PPC training.

If you would like help with your PPC campaign, please fill in this enquiry form. Otherwise, during UK office hours, please call us on 01233 670006 or 07984 300050.