iPad Leads Mobile Internet Sales Surge

We are just starting to analyse many of our year end performance figures for 2012. The most dramatic improvement has come in the form of the surge in mobile Internet sales via our e-commerce clients. The top performer has been Simply Kids Beds, where online mobile sales have surgedĀ  304.7% over 2011. Revenue has grown faster than visits. Visits have grown 193.3%.

The per visit value grew by by 38.0%, due to a combination of a 22.4% rise in conversion levels and a 12.8% rise in average transaction value. The key to growth was the Apple iPad, which accounted for 92.4% of online mobile revenues. The leading smartphone device was the Apple iPhone which accounted for 5.5% of mobile Internet revenue. Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy series did feature in volume terms but failed to register any sales.

We will analyse the mobile performance of other websites over the coming days. We will also drill into the data regarding the splits between revenues derived from various sources such as PPC and organic search.

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