Mobile Ecommerce Results Soar

There is much news, genuine potential and hype about mobile search marketing. However, Simply Clicks has one client where sales from mobile devices are soaring. Mobile sales have now achieved an annual run rate of £120,000, with sales in August/September 2011 up 800% on the same two months of 2010. The client sells beds and mattresses and all the data comes from their Google Analytics report. All of the traffic is coming from organic search. In the latest sales average transaction value for mobile devices is 20% higher than for static devices.

Don’t get me wrong there are barriers to successful mobile search. Mobile devices still only represent 7% of total sales and about 15% of the clients total organic search version. PPC conversion costs are much higher than for sales via desktop and laptop computers. Bounce rates for mobile searches are much higher. Our latest data for the iPhone shows a bounce rate in excess of 52% when the site average for all visitors is in thmid 30s. But it is important to learn about mobile search as its continued growth demonstrtes it will become a major ecommerce platofrm.


One Response to “Mobile Ecommerce Results Soar”

  1. Yes those numbers seem typical for most ecommerce websites at the moment, and for the big boys that are getting over a million hits per month the figures cannot be sniffed at – and for the rest of us this is an opportunity to get a good foot hold in the mobile SERP now,