Google Analytics Benchmarking Report

Google Analytics has released a benchmarking report that gives global comparison data for some key website metrics. The web analytics data covered includes pages per visit, visit length, average time on site and that old bugbear, bounce rate. The Google benchmarking data is derived from the websites that allow anonymous sharing of data and covers the period 1st November 2010 to 1st February 2011. Details of traffic sources and some basic data about the differences in behaviour between different sources of traffic is also available.

Global data shows the following:

  • Pages/Visit 4.5
  • Bounce Rate 47.0%
  • Average Time on Site 5 minutes 23 seconds

Data is available for UK websites.

  • Pages/Visit 4.9
  • Bounce Rate 41.5%
  • Average Time on Site 5 minutes 38 seconds

For global data sources of traffic were as follows:

  • Direct 36.8%
  • Referral 19.4%
  • Search Engines 28.0%
  • Other 15.8%

My concern with this split is the size of the “other” sector. When undertaking my own analyses, other would be much smaller than this.

One interesting analysis for search marketers is the difference in behaviour between different types of visitor traffic. Here I have taken a look at bounce rate, a negative metric. This shows paid search as having a lower bounce rate than other types of traffic, including organic search. Bounce is generally a concern but if you are buying traffic a bounce would generally be deemed a failed investment and minimising bounce rate seen as a key metric of Pay Per Click management.

  • Direct 47.2%
  • Referral 43.1%
  • Organic Search 47.9%
  • Paid Search 41.4%

I will be interpreting the data and profiling existing client websites against it over the next few days.

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  1. What is a good Bounce rate for a B2B Home Page?…

    Google Analytics has just published a benchmarking report. This shows average bounce rate of 47.0% across the globe. In the US bounce rate averages 42.5% and in the UK 41.5%. The report is not generally available but a summary is shown here: http://www