iPad Mobile Search Boosts Conversions and Margins

iPad search values rapidly on the rise

At Simply Clicks we have often referred to mobile search as the “elephant in the room”. Our reasoning behind the use of the expression is partly based on our own experience of mobile phones and secondly the belief that with smart phone penetration growing rapidly, search volumes will follow.

The second part of the reasoning behind the elephant expression is the relative lack of attention the search, and the online marketing community in general, appears to focus on social media rather than mobile. Based on our own observations from web analytics across 30 different websites little real business is generated by social media.

When we look at mobile as a source of business we are seeing B2B activity and conversions steadily growing. This across the RIM, iPhone and Android platforms. We have been early adopters of the Google Adwords mobile service and have seen small amounts of traffic generated for hotels from the Adwords mobile “click to call” service.

The reason behind this post on mobile search is the fact that we are now seeing significant volumes of mobile search on the e-commerce B2C websites we have access to. Most significantly, we manage the search marketing activities of a bed retailer where e-commerce sales sourced from iPad are rapidly on the rise. Not only that, but the iPad conversion levels are higher than other sources of traffic by a factor of 75% and the average spend per transaction is 17% higher. In e-commerce terms, over the past 4 months, an iPad visit to the retailer’s website is worth twice an average visit.


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