excludes dot.coms has been behaving rather strangely over recent weeks. A number of UK hosted dot.coms have been in moving in and out of the index. The problem only seems to affect the index (or home) pages. Even companies as large as British Airways have been caught out.

The problem only occurs when you select the “Site from the UK” radio button. There’s been comment on a number of SEO forums including SEOChat, WebProWorld and SEO1.

I’ve started a thread on the subject on WebProWorld entitled “Spot the difference with” The WebProWorld post refers the the standing of Rye hotel’s site The George in Rye. The site had just got to the top of rankings for a number of key terms. In the last few days the rankings have tumbled.

It seems the volatility does not affect rankings where a page other than the index page is the highest ranking page on a site.


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