Yahoo Pay Per Click Advertising

The Yahoo Search Paid Search Marketing network incorporates Yahoo, Alta Vista and several other smaller search engines. It accounts for approximately 8% of the UK search marketing network. Yahoo Search Marketing For larger pay per click advertising clients, Simply Clicks recommends that the Yahoo pay per click advertising network is an integral component of their search engine marketing campaign. Although smaller than the Google Adwords network, the Yahoo search marketing operation provides additional click volume - often at lower cost than Google Adwords. It also has excellent pay per click advertising campaign planning tools. 

Yahoo's Search Marketing Process

1. Research and Select Keyword Terms

Simply Clicks researches the number and types of keyword searches that are made in your market category. We also investigate competitive pay per click activity, analysing bid levels and bidding strategies evident within the Yahoo pay per click market. Following this activity we make an outline recommendation.

2. Write Terms and Descriptions

If you accept our recommendations we write advertising copy in the form of a keyword headline and a site description that should encourage potential customers to click on your pay per click advertisement.

3. Pay Per Click Bid Management

We then bid on your behalf for access to these search terms in an open, transparent and real time auction. These auctions are managed by Yahoo Search Marketing. We utilise the broad, phrase and narrow match categories as well as negative keywords to ensure we deliver the most cost effective and targeted traffic.

4. Monitoring and Reports

Simply Clicks monitors Yahoo pay per click advertising activity on a real time basis. Management reports are normally sent to clients weekly. We use the Yahoo reporting service, plus an independent analytics programme. We review clicks, advertising impressions, ranking, click through conversions and cost per click. We can also make recommendations regarding internal website conversion levels.

5. Revise Copy and Bids

In response to activity, pay per click bids and copy can be revised - pay more and you move up the rankings, pay less and you move down the rankings. Simply Clicks will carry out minor amendments on the spot. More major amendments are referred back to the client.

Yahoo's Search Marketing - Training

The secret to pay per click campaign management is to establish an effective customer attraction model. Calculate your cost per action and manage the yield per click. For more information regarding learning how to implement your own pay per click advertising campaigns go to our main PPC training page.