Website Optimisation and Performance

Website Optimisation is the combination of processes that maximise the performance of your website. At the simplest level this means generating the maximum number of website visitors and converting the maximum number into paying customers. The core components of website optimisation are as follows:

  1. Search engine optimisation - Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of improving website visibility for valuable keywords in order to attract relevant site visitors.
  2. Website speed - Improving the speed at which web site pages load. Landing page load time is particularly critical in order to reduce high bounce rates.
  3. Navigation clarity - Reducing website complexity in order that visitors can easily find the content and information they are looking for.
  4. Conversion rate optimisation - Conversion rate optimisation or CRO is the process of using visitor insight and web analytics to convert more of your website visits into meaningful leads, enquiries, quotations and sales.

Building Your Website Around Your Business Model

Depending on the nature of your business model, the key website event may be a direct e-commerce sales transaction or some other interim stage in the sales and marketing process. This could be generating a phone call or e-mail enquiry, capturing a lead or being placed onto a pitch list by a B2B customer. The steps of attracting and converting visitors into customers are called a funnel. Your website must reflect the needs of your business model and the needs and behaviours of the customers of the market category within which you operate.

The goal of conversion rate optimisation is turning the maximum number of website visitors into customers. Always think in terms of what may attract or distract potential customers. Conversion takes place in the mind of the potential customer not on the website. It may be a short process of a few minutes - usually when the purchase value or customer commitment is small. It may be a longer process, involving several visits over a number of weeks or months, especially if the value is high or the commitment is large.

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