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Simply Clicks is a full service search engine marketing agency and provides a comprehensive range of search Engine Optimisation services and SEO techniques. These include website optimisation, keyword research, SEO copywriting, link building, competitive analysis, SEO training and SEO consultancy.

SEO Services

Simply Clicks is a UK-based SEO specialist. The objective of our search engine optimisation services is to secure top organic search rankings against keyword search terms within the major search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN. We provide a full service SEO operation from SEO strategy, website evaluation to individual SEO components such as link building. If you have a specific SEO need we can tackle any one of the following projects.

1. Website Optimisation

Website optimisation is about ensuring your website design, navigation  structure and code reflect the objectives for your Internet marketing strategy. As well as basic SEO it involves website simplicity and conversion rate optimisation. Attracting the right prospects, ensuring they can find persuasive content and helping them towards making an enquiry, sale or other conversion.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research and selection is the first stage of SEO. You should select phrases that are both relevant to your business and likely to be used by your prospective customers. Keyword research should distinguish between generic words and phrases that have large search volumes and more selective phrases that have a higher propensity to convert in paying customers.

3. Keyword Selection

Selecting appropriate keywords then ensuring that your meta tags and page content reflect their prioritisation. Meta tags come in three key forms: Title, Description and Keyword meta tags. The first is by far the most critical. The second highly relevant. The third, although diminishing in importance, is still relevant for controlling and testing content. There is much debate regarding the value of meta tags. Aligned with the content of the page they still can play a significant role.

4. SEO Copywriting

Content refers to the visible text on your site. This is what your site visitors actually read ands what the the search engines crawl and index. SEO copywriting is about making sure your copy not only reflects search engine requirements. You must also write Write content that your site visitors will find informative and persuasive. Writing exclusively for search engines is to be avoided. The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract prospects and then convert them into customers. 

5. Image Optimisation

Image optimisation is an integral part of search engine optimisation. Google image search is a search engine in its own right. in addition well crafted images will also assist your efforts in the web rankinsgs. File names, alt and title tags all play their part in ensuring you maximise the opportunities in this area.

6. Link Building

Links connect your site to others on the Internet. They also place your site in context. All search engines, but particularly Google, place a premium on topic relevant, high quality inbound links (IBLs). Google optimisation is more focused on managing inbound link popularity than almost any other factor. A link building programme should focus on using the right anchor text and seeking out linking partners with topic related sites.

7. Competitive Analysis

Ever wondered why your competitors rank more highly for certain keywords? Simply Clicks can investigate the relative strengths and weaknesses of competitive websites. A thorough investigation will provide pointers improving the organic search performance your own website.

8. SEO Consultancy

Simply Clicks can undertake a whole range of projects in the field of SEO.  Looking at marketing or technical aspects that may either work for or against your site's visibility. There are some technical features that may enhance your site's attractiveness. Whether you are concerned about a competitive threat or want to exploit a new market opportunity do not hesitate to contact us.

9. SEO Training

Search engine optimisation is a full time role. If your organisation wants to build its in-house capability Simply Clicks can structure a fully tailered inhouse SEO training course.

Free SEO Book

Simply Clicks has written a Free SEO Book that serves as an introduction to SEO. Just click SEO Book for a PDF version.

Simply Clicks has been involved in over 100 SEO projects for a number of multinational and UK based companies. If you have a specific SEO need or would like further information about Simply Clicks search engine optimisation services, please e-mail your requirements.