Delivering High Performance Pay Per Click

Simply Clicks is a specialist PPC agency. We are Google Partner certified in Google Adwords Fundamentals, Google Adwords Advanced Search, Google Mobile Advertising and Google Analytics IQ. We have been specialists in PPC management since 2003 and have been leading PPC training courses since 2004.

Our approach ensures that your PPC budget is spent effectively against the most valuable keyword searches and delivers website visitors to your most relevant and valuable pages.

Seven Steps to High Performance PPC

Key Questions for Effective PPC Management

Managing profitable PPC campaigns requires an acute understanding of the operations and functions of the major paid search services. An effective PPC campaign manager needs to provide answers the following questions:

  • What are the key search terms that drive the most profitable customers to your website?
  • What advertising copy is most effective at attracting customers?
  • How do search engines use Quality Score and Click Through Rate to rank bids?
  • What landing page design leads to higher levels of engagement and ultimately sales conversion?
  • What role is played by each type of device in leading to the most profitable conversions? What times of day and days of week offer the best value?
  • Why are negative keywords so important? Which ones are needed for each particular campaign or Ad Group?
  • How do I track and improve PPC performance with web analytics and webmaster tools?

Seven Steps to High Performance PPC Management

Simply Clicks has developed a 7 stage process for the management of a successful PPC campaign.

  1. Have a clear website strategy. What business are you in and what customers do want to attract? What are your commercial objectives? What revenues and margins? How much do you want to spend? What is you target return on expenditure?
  2. Research your market category, research and select the most appropriate keywords. Then structure your campaign and ad groups by related keywords and themes.
  3. Select the most appropriate landing pages. Sometimes you may need to amend existing pages or even create new ones from scratch.
  4. Write advertising copy and descriptions, selecting and creating Ad extensions, sitelinks or callouts that describe your products and services in an appealing way.
  5. Organise Pay Per Click bid management and budgetary control. You can organise this be time of day, day of week, location and device.
  6. Monitor Keyword, Ad Group and Campaign performance. Check click through rates (CTR) Quality Scores, expenditure, conversions and return on investment.
  7. Revise copy, amend bids, amend landing pages and tune the campaign based on performance. Look to test or experiment in order to improve performance.

For more information about our PPC campaign management process see our PPC Management presentation. No two PPC management projects are identical. However, Simply Clicks has a published list of PPC management fees.

Simply Clicks has been involved in over 200 Pay Per Click campaigns for companies ranging in size from multinationals to small locally based entreprises. If you have a specific pay per click management need or would like to review the performance of your existing Google Adwords pay per click advertising campaign, please submit your requirements.

PPC Training Course

Simply Clicks organises tailored PPC training courses. Whether you are entirely new to PPC or are already managing a PPC campaign, Simply Clicks can provide you with the necessary skills to improve the return from your PPC budget.

Google Adwords

Simply Clicks has a specific page on Google Adwords. Adwords is the Google pay per click service and accounts for approximately 90% of UK pay per click search traffic.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Simply Clicks has a separate page for Yahoo pay per click. The Yahoo pay per click service is the second largest of the pay per click advertising networks.