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Mobile search is the elephant in the room for SEO and PPC. In 2015 at least one of our clients generates more than 70% of their site visitors from mobile devices. Smartphone and Internet enabled mobile devices are rapidly growing in ownership yet most search marketing activity is geared for desktop or laptop computer use.

Our own web analytics data from  client websites, shows mobile search activity growing exponentially. iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle platforms are rapidly penetrating the market. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, parts of the mobile community show much higher levels of conversion than static based devices. One large volume B2C website shows their most valuable customers access their website from iPads. Whether you are involved in B2B or B2C online marketing you can no longer afford to ignore mobile search.

Simply Clicks is a specialist PPC agency.  We are Google Partner certified in Google Adwords Fundamentals, Google Adwords Advanced Search, Google Mobile Advertising and Google Analytics IQ.

Mobile SEO

 More potential customers are on the move. They demand information real time. Organic search in a mobile environment is crucial as the time imperative maybe more crucial than usual. Smartphone usage and the development of other mobile enabled devices such as the iPad convert. How does your website perform on these rapidly growing platforms?

Mobile PPC - Google Adwords

Google Adwords has pioneered the development of mobile pay per click advertising. Google Adwords offers a comprehensive menu of mobile platforms and mobile devices. You can select all types or focus on a specific platform such or network provider. Google Adwords even offers call to click. Whereby clicking the paid search advertisement connects directly to the PPC advertisers switchboard rather than website. The click to call option is particulartly valuable to travel related services such as hotels, car hire and flights.

Mobile Local Search

Mobile has a particularly strong role to play with local search marketing. Potential customers may be in the street, in a retail outlet or looking to make an immediate booking of a hotel, restaurant or for entertainment event. These activities will almost always involve a search with a local geographic component.

Mobile Social Media

Mobile already has a large influence over social media. Facebook's check-in facility, Twitters mobile platform, Yelp! and Foursquare are intended to be used whilst subscribers are on the move and certainly away from their desks.