Integrated Search Marketing

Simply Clicks recommends that almost all search engine marketing projects should combine search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC management). A belief in integrated search marketing is a philosophy we've held from our inception. There are individual strengths and weaknesses to both organic and paid search. Ignoring one form of search means that you will most likely perform sub-optimally in the other.

We have evolved a 4-stage integrated search marketing system. This involves planning, on-page activities, off-page activities and web analytics. We believe this approach delivers maximum profitability for your online business. We call our integrated system Search Engine Marketing Over-Site©.

Search Engine Optimisation

As search engine optimisation specialists, our approach to providing SEO services is entirely up to date and geared to the specific SEO needs of the UK market. We deliver SEO based on our extensive marketing experience across both B2B and B2C marketing channels in a wide range of marketing categories. Simply Clicks can manage a search engine optimisation campaign in totality or tackle a specific SEO issue. 

We can optimise your website for all three major search engines, specifically for Google or for Yahoo or MSN. Although all the major search engines work to the same general principles, each engine weights their algorithm to reflect different priorities. See this search engine variation diagram to gain a visual understanding of the differences between the three major search engines.

Many websites can rank well on one engine whilst performing poorly on others. With time, it is possible to optimise for all three. We can show you live examples of client websites where first page rankings are achieved across all three major search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We recommend that pay per click advertising is an integral component of every search engine marketing campaign. Even if the main focus of your search effort is concerned with SEO. In most markets, effective pay per click advertising still delivers a highly profitable return on investment. In addition, participating in the pay per click market provides a rich source of real time search market information regarding search volumes and competitive activity that can be used for tuning your SEO activities. 

We recommend that your pay per click campaign utilises both the Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing networks. Within the UK, Google Adwords is typically the larger provider of traffic and has the better performance reporting system but Yahoo has advantages in planning and competitor analysis. As each click has a direct cost, precise keyword selection and bidding are priorities of any pay per click campaign. Click on the paragraph title above to gain more information about how your business could benefit  from pay per click advertising.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is used to understand and take action regarding the performance of a website. That is, the way a website converts organic rankings, paid search clicks, referred or direct visitors into events or actions that ultimately yield enquiries, sales and profits. 

If it is a business to consumer website (B2C) the key event may mean a direct e-commerce sales transaction. In B2B marketing it generally means some other interim stage in the sales and marketing process. This could be generating a phone call or e-mail enquiry, capturing a name and address, requesting a brochure or being selected onto a pitch list by a B2B customer. 

Web analytics identifies the source of traffic by search engine and search term, then tracks the progress and actions of each site visitor as they travel through the conversion funnel. Used in conjunction with data from the search engine results pages and pay per click reports, the value of each site visitor and search term can be established. Using these methods we can determine the marketing effectiveness of each search term and each web page in generating real business.

Analytics packages are available for varying levels of budget and sophistication. Free packages include Google Analytics and Statcounter.