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Hotel SEO is the key to cost effective search visibility

The Falstaff Hotel Canterbury - Long-term SEO and PPC SupportSimply Clicks has worked on hotel SEO with leading hotels chains, such as Starwood, and prestigious individual hotels, such as The Zetter in London, since 2005.

Each day millions of people are making searches for individual hotels or for hotels in specific locations. However, as few hotels make serious attempts to optimise their websites, this valuable traffic feeds into the websites of the online booking specialists or OTAs.

Third Party Booking Control

This means their bookings are under the control of third parties that can direct their traffic to alternative accommodation providers. In the most competitive markets only an integrated approach to search engine marketing, embracing both paid and organic search can deliver relevant traffic at competitive cost levels.

In providing our hotel SEO services, we have witnessed, at close hand, a recurring problem. The leading OTAs (Online Travel Agents) have invested millions into hotel SEO and PPC. As a result, they usually squeeze out the actual hotel websites from the most visible positions in the search pages. By doing so the OTAs are extracting anything from 15% upwards from hotel revenue.

Taking Control of Your Hotel's Web Presence

It is essential, therefore, that if you are a hotel owner, manager or marketing director that you beat the OTAs to the best keyword terms for your own hotel and location. From experience, only hotel SEO can provide a low cost route towards relevant online visibility.

SEO can be Highly Cost Effective

Done well Hotel SEO is probably the most cost effective marketing discipline for generating high value hotel visitors. A high ranking position for a key search term will bring large numbers of potential consumers to your hotel website. Even in 2015 many Hotel websites remain poorly optimised and ignore the immense potential benefits of hotel SEO.

Search Term Popularity and Diluting the Costs of Competition

The more popular and valuable search terms tend to be highly competitive. One option is PPC. But a complete reliance on paid search means higher costs of customer attraction as the OTAs use sophisticated time based programmes to optimise their yiled against the most competitive  terms.

Search engine optimisation, even in a basic form, will reduce those costs by diluting the reliance on paid search traffic. A well structured SEO campaign could lead to the vast proportion of hotel customers being acquired via organic search. Hotel SEO has therefore become the most critical marketing tool for communicating with the hotel visitor.

Without an effective approach to SEO, individual hotels and less powerful hotel chains are forced into competing solely amongst the paid search results for the keywords relating to their own hotel.

Search engine optimisation should therefore be a core component of any hotel marketing plan.

Internet Marketing - For a London Boutique Hotel

SEO for The Zetter - A London Boutique Hotel

Hotel Internet marketing has been transformed by search engine marketing. Hotel accommodation is typically searched for using locational searches sometimes modified by the grade or style of hotel. A person looking for a budget hotel is in a completely different market segment from someone searching for a boutique or luxury hotel.

The Zetter Hotel is one of London's leading boutique hotels. Its performance and reputation is so strong that it has done much to make its locality, Clerkenwell, into one of the most fashionable in London.

Website Build Advice for a Luxury Ski Hotel

Hotel SEO - Hotel des Deux Domaines

The best time to optimise a hotel website is before it is built. Ideally at the time when issues such as structure and navigation are being discussed.  Hotel websites perform many different functions. Generating online bookings is usually a priority. However, a typical hotel does more than provide bedrooms. Restaurants, private dining, conferences and exhibitions are vital sources of revenue. For some hotels weddings are a major revenue earners. It is much better to design in these requirements before structure and navigation are finalised.

Hotel des Deux Domaines is a luxury ski hotel in La Plagne. The owners not only wanted to promote its suitability as a one of the leading French ski hotel but also generate investment interest via Google from higher net worth individuals looking for a SIPP investment product.

SEO training for the most luxurious hotels in Venice

SEO Training - Starwood Hotels Venice

Simply Clicks has worked on travel industry SEO with a number of hotel related businesses. These include:

  • Starwood Hotels - Italian luxury hotels in Venice and the Adriatic.
  • Hotel des Deux Domaines - A French Ski hotel in La Plagne.
  • The Zetter Hotel - A London boutique hotel in Clerkenwell.
  • Completely Croatia - A specialist tour operator targeting leading Croatian hotels.
  • The George in Rye - One of the leading hotels in Rye, Sussex.
  • Adventure Base - An operator of luxury catered ski chalets in Chamonix, France.
  • The Falstaff - One of the most prominent Canterbury hotels.
  • The Glenlo Abbey Hotel - A prestigious 5 star hotel in Galway, Ireland.
  • Le Casacce - A private holiday resort in Tuscany.

We also deliver SEO training for a number of hotel marketing departments.

About Simply Clicks

Simply Clicks is led by David Burdon. David Burdon has a background in hotel SEO since 2005 and travel industry related marketing stretching back 30 years. David has spoken on search marketing at several hotel and travel industry events. These include Group Travel Organiser, Eye4travel, the Travel Technology Initiative (TTI), CIMTIG (the Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Industry Group), the Travel Technology Show, and Global Travel's 2012 and 2013 conferences. He has also spoken on the specific subject of SEO for hotels at Smile, the Irish hotel and hospitality conference.