Google Search Engine Optimisation

Google is the UK's most important search engine by far, holding an approximate 90% market share of all search engine traffic. Google search engine optimisation (Google SEO) is focused on improving your website's "organic" ranking for key search terms on Google.

Google Optimisation for Web, Image, Local, Map and Shopping Search

The Google search search service is constantly evolving. Google has an increasing range of search products. These search services currently include:

  • Google Web search - the original text based services
  • Google Local or Google Places - based around a combination of web and map influences
  • Google Map search - the original map search
  • Google Image search - a comprehensive image database
  • Google Shopping - once known as Google base and sometimes called Google product search
  • Google News search - up to the minute news
  • Google Blog search - just for blogs

Sometimes these search services are shown as part of the universal search product and at other times they need to be selected. The importance of each of the above search services is dependent on your market category. The Simply Clicks Google search engine optimisation service can include one, two, three or all of the above services.

Although following similar principles, the Google search engine algorithm - Google PageRankĀ® - functions in a different way from the other major search engines. This is mainly because it is more "off page" biased than Yahoo and prefers more established content and links than Bing. By "off page", we mean that when Google produces its rankings, it relies more heavily on information it collects from sources other than the target website. This information is largely collected by analysing the links that point at a website. To learn more about Google SEO read below or go to our SEO training course page.

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