Google Local Search Marketing

Local search activity tends to be highly relevant and typically has a much higher than average level of conversion than most other forms or search. Google local search and Google map search are increasingly important and competitive. Local search marketing involves components of mobile search, map search, Google places and local directory search. 

Mobile Search

Mobile search is a highly valuable form of local search. It is even more so when the searcher is using mobile search to track down a local provider of products or services. According to Google, approximately one third of all searches made by mobile phone have a local content. Mobile search and local search are, therefore, natural bedfellows.

Google Maps Search

Google maps provides a geo-location based search service. Based on postcode and other related centroids your business will be ranked against searches based on the following three main factors:

  • Relevance
  • Prominence
  • Distance

Google Places Search

Google Places is the service that provides local business Place Pages. Every local business shoud have a Google Place Page. Place pages are free. If you are a well known business and feature in business diectories such as Thomson or Yellow pages, the chances are you already have a place page. The most important step is to claim your place page. Once claimed you can edit your place page and even optimise it to receive more Google local and Googler map search traffic. Depending on your market category you may even generate additional web search and image search traffic.