SEO Audit - Forensic Website Analysis

  • Want to know why your own website is under-performing?
  • Has your website suffered a Google penalty and you need to know what may be causing the problem?
  • Need to know detailed information about competitor website performance?
  • Want to know what SEO strategies your competitors are deploying? 

SEO Audit - Forensic Website Analysis An SEO audit is a structured approach to the detailed analysis of search engine optimisation and the underlying performance capabilities of a website. 

How and why a website performs as it does in the search engines. What levels of traffic levels it is likely to produce and how website visitors once on site.

SEO Audit - On Page Analysis

A forensic audit of the on-page aspects SEO. An analysis of data from sources such as Google Webmaster tools. This includes the effectiveness of title tags, navigation bars, internal linking, content such as copy, images and other media. How components such as headers, keyword usage, keyword placement, text styling and image alt tags are aligned to provide pointers to keyword phrases that are being targeted.

In addition looking at the technical aspects of website management such as:

  • Robots.txt file
  • The management of 301 redirects, other redirects and canonical tags
  • Duplicate content and duplicate meta tags
  • Broken links
  • Sitemaps and XML sitemap creation and submission
  • Finding hidden links and other vulnerabilities
  • Correct set-up of web analytics and conversion measurement

Forensic SEO - Off Page Analysis

A forensic audit of the off page aspects of SEO. A range of off page activities can be analysed.

  • Link popularity
  • Link quality - Origination website and page quality and relevance
  • The effectiveness of social media activity and social signals such as tweets, likes and shares
  • Content quality
  • Anchor text usage and location
  • Use of contextual and site wide locations
  • SEO style and patterns
  • Indications of link buying
  • Sources of link purchase
  • Likely link buying budgets being deployed
  • Signs of “spammy” or “black hat” techniques

We can determine how a website is being optimised. Often who by. What SEO techniques are being used and whether those techniques are legitimate.

SEO Audit - Web Analytics

A detailed review of web analytics can often reveal the real issues behind an apparent performance shortfall or rankings problem. If you are analysing a competitor website, this data will not be directly available. However, we also have the resources to establish quantitative data about website performance from the outside. We use tools to establish the level and type of traffic a website attracts. We can isolate keyword terms and whether traffic is derived from organic or paid for sources. And then how website visitors behave once they are on a website. We assess for average bounce rates, landing page performance, page views, time on site and likely conversion levels.