Web Analytics Training Course

Using Web Analytics to Understand Visitor Value

Learn how to use Data to Improve Website Performance

Simply Clicks offers an intensive 1 day web analytics training course. The training course is highly practical and designed to provide the skills needed to monitor, measure and improve the performance of your search engine marketing using tools such as Google Analytics, Statcounter and Google Console. Whether you utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) or pay per click advertising, our approach will guide you towards improving site traffic and quality in order to improve leads and sales. We have a seven year history of SEO training and utilise the latest SEO and web analytics techniques.

Organised in small groups, or even one to one, the training is tailored to meet your exact individual or corporate web analytics needs. Download our web analytics training brochure.

Outline Training Programme

Our analytics training integrates the theoretical principles and practical applications of search engine optimisation. As a guide, the course uses Simply Clicks' own four-stage approach to search engine marketing - which we call Search Engine Marketing Over-Site. This gives a clear step by step structure to implementing your own inhouse search engine marketing.

The website analytics training course covers the following stages:

  1. Basic principles of measurement
  2. Website Analytics Tools and Techniques
  3. Keyword Research, Website Analysis and Website Analytics
  4. How to set up an analytics system
  5. What to measure and understanding web analytics data
  6. Understanding the website user
  7. Monitoring SEO performance
  8. Monitoring Pay Per Click performance
  9. Utilising analytics feedback to improve conversion
  10. Analytics for an integrated search engine marketing campaign

Google Analytics Training

Google is the UK's dominant search engine. Google provides its free Google Analytics system for use with its search engine marketing products - particularly Google Adwords.  The use and limitations of Google Analytics will be explored during the course.

Web Analytics Training - Course Benefits

Having completed the web analytics training course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to set-up, monitor and improve a website analytics programme. You will be fully equipped to exploit the SEO and pay per click advertising programmes of your organisation's website marketing.

Who these Training courses are for

Our web analytics training is primarily designed for marketing, advertising and Internet practitioners. A reasonable level of computer literacy is assumed. Various levels of ability can be accommodated within small groups of no more than four people. This course can be adapted as a strategic briefing at managing or marketing director level.

Training Course Delivery & Costs

Web Analytics Training BrochureThe preferred location for training course delivery is on-site in a training room at your premises. The web analytics course can be arranged at Simply Clicks or at external locations, where additional expenses may be incurred. We are happy to travel throughout the UK and have delivered similar courses in mainland Europe. Each course participant will need a modern and broadband connected PC. The analytics training can be combined with an on-site search engine marketing consultation. Please ask for a quote for larger classes or to discuss specific projects.

Download our brochure by clicking on the image on the left.

The cost of a one day web analytics training course, tailored to your market category and exact business needs is £595 for one person, £795 for 2 people and £995 for 3 people. All costs are + VAT. To make an enquiry or to discuss your web analytics training needs click here: Web Analytics Enquiry.