Google Adwords Partner PPC

Simply Clicks is a Google Adwords Partner Agency. We specialise in managing Google Adwords PPC campaigns. As you are probably aware, Google Adwords is the leading pay per click advertising system. As a UK advertising medium, Google Adwords is now worth almost £4 billion per annum. Source: Google Q1 2015 Earnings Report.

Google Adwords allows websites a rapid and cost effective way to access visibility and traffic on the Google search results pages. Since 2003 Simply Clicks' Adwords PPC management skills have been developed through creating and managing more than 100 Google Adwords campaigns. Our objective is always to deliver the most cost effective traffic, maximising client revenues or sales leads at the lowest cost.

Google Partner Privileges - Adwords Vouchers

One of the marketing privileges of a Google Adwords Partner is the availability of promotional Adwords vouchers. These are typically available to new clients or occassionally clients that have allowed their accounts to lapse for some time. The incentives are usually based on an expenditure match principle. The example below shows an additional £150 expenditure voucher that will be accepted once a client has spent at least £150.

Google Partner Adwords Vouchers

Google Adwords Products

The overall Google Adwords services consists of a number of products. These include the folllowing:

  • Google Adwords Search
  • Google Adwords Shopping
  • Google Adwords Display Advertising
  • Google Adwords Video

Google Adwords - Campaign Management

Google Adwords is increasingly complex and potentially expensive service. Simply Clicks can manage a complete Google Adwords account on your behalf or can be hired to manage or improve individual campaign components.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Structure
  • Keywords Research and Selection
  • Lowering Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Improving Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Improving Quality Score
  • Lowering Cost Per Acquisition or Action (CPA)
  • Copy Testing
  • Bid management
  • Improving Landing Page Performance
  • Analytics and Conversions
  • Campaign return on investment (ROI)
  • Campaign Customization and targeting

Google Adwords Training

If you would like to operate your own Google Adwords account, Simply Clicks offers tailored Google Adwords training. Courses are highly practical and focus on setting up, structuring and building out an efficient Google Adwords account.

If you would like a to discuss your Google Adwords PPC management needs, or enquire about our PPC Training courses, please fill in and submit the following Google Adwords enquiry form.