Google Soars 24% Quarter 1 2012

Google revenues have grown 24% to $10.65 billion (£6.81 billion) in Quarter 1 2012. Profits on a GAAP basis are stated at $3.31 billion (£2.17 billion) an increase of 47% on Quarter 1 2011.

Google’s income in the UK amounted to $1.15 billion (£735 million), equal to 10.8% of total revenue and 19.9% of Google’s Non-US revenues.

Despite the upbeat figures, Google reports that average cost per click fell 12%. I suspect that this is more a function of dilution caused by penetration of new markets and new market categories rather than a decline in like for like CPC rates in mature markets such as the UK and the US. As yet I cannot find any reference to the share of business that is attributed to the Google Adwords pay per click programme.

On an annualised basis, Q2 2011 to Q1 2012, Google’s revenues now amount to $39.98 billion. I estimate the UK’s share if this amounts to $4.3 billion or £2.75 billion.

For more information go to the Google investor centre.


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