Average Bounce Rate Post Delivers Facebook Traffic

Yesterday was a strange day for Simply Clicks’ blog. Out of nowhere came a stream of traffic from Facebook. The traffic landed on a 7 month old blog post about average bounce rate data. The source data for the post was a Google Analytics benchmarking report from July 2011. After I spotted the initial burst of traffic I then made a comment about this on Twitter and this then led to further traffic and comments on both Facebook and the blog. In addition, other traffic came in to the bounce rate post via LinkedIn, which also has a Twitter feed. Approximately 50% of yesterday’s website visitors originated from Facebook or social media feeds related to it. That is some sort record for us. Sadly, most of the the Facebook traffic bounced. That is, read the post and departed without venturing further into the website. Secondly, most of this traffic orginated from the US rather than the UK. So it is unlikely that many of these visitors had any previous connection or linkage to Simply Clicks or our LinkedIn page.

I have to admit that I am not a great fan of Facebook or concepts such as F-Commerce. But, based on yesterday’s traffic, I may have to start taking it more seriously in future.


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