Google Q3 2011 Revenue Grows 33%

Google has announced its Quarter 3 2011 revenues. At $9.72 billion they are 33.4% up on Q3 2010 and 8% up on Q2 2011.

All the headline figures are better than expected I will focus on the implications for the UK.

  • Approximately 96% of revenue has come from the Google Adwords and Adsense display programmes
  • Google remains highly dependent on the Pay Per Click business model for most of its revenues
  • UK revenues account for approximately 11% of revenues whilst US revenues  account for 45%
  • This would give UK revenues of approximately $1,047 million – or £675 million using the Quarter end exchange rate
  • The UK represents approximately 20% of Google’s international revenues
  • The UK remains Google’s largest overseas market and by my reckoning we represent an annualised value of $4.1 billion or £2.7 billion

In one financial summary I read that cost per click rates have fallen 5% since Q2 2011.

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